‘The View’ Host Reprimands Audience for Not Applauding Eccentric Guest

Christine Blasey Ford, a former Supreme Court nominee, recently appeared on “The View” to discuss her new book, “One Way Back.” The memoir provides an in-depth account of her experiences surrounding the 2018 Senate hearings. Ford had accused Brett Kavanaugh, now a Supreme Court Justice, of sexual assault during a high school party in the early 1980s. Her appearance on the show led to co-host Joy Behar reprimanding some male audience members for their lack of applause.

During the interview, Behar questioned Ford about the proportion of supportive letters she received from men. Ford disclosed that it was approximately 10%, which she called “male mail.” Behar expressed dissatisfaction with some male audience members’ lack of applause and emphasized the significance of men’s support in combating sexual assault. She stated that men must understand their role and step up to assist.

Ford’s memoir reveals that she received over 100,000 letters of support from all 50 states and 42 countries following her testimony. She dedicated her book to those who wrote these letters. On the show, Ford mentioned that they had read about 30,000 letters so far, and around 25% were from sexual assault survivors. The book also discusses how she dealt with death threats and strived for normalcy after becoming a public figure.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, another co-host who served in the Trump administration during the hearings, asked Ford what message she hopes readers will take away from her book. Ford responded by expressing hope that readers would relate to various aspects of her story, such as speaking up in any setting and facing retaliation. She also emphasized survival and the importance of civility, respectfulness, listening, and supporting each other.

Ford’s memoir offers “riveting new details” about her testimony’s build-up and its overwhelming aftermath. It also explores the personal challenges she faced, like receiving death threats and adjusting to life as a public figure.

In the 2018 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Ford testified about the alleged sexual assault, sharing her experience with Kavanaugh from their high school days. She claimed that Kavanaugh forcefully held her on a bed, attempted to undress her, and covered her mouth with his hand. However, Kavanaugh strongly denied these accusations and was narrowly confirmed by the Supreme Court in 2018. The hearings sparked a nationwide discussion about sexual assault and the #MeToo movement.

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