Jeanine Pirro Discusses the Impact of Rising Crime Rates

Jeanine Pirro, a host on Fox News, has recently expressed her concerns about the current state of New York City. She attributes the city’s issues to crime, immigration problems, and the leadership of the Democratic party. These factors, she believes, have contributed to Donald Trump’s inability to secure an appeal bond in his New York fraud case and have negatively impacted the city’s real estate market.

Pirro stated that these issues have made the real estate market in New York highly unstable. She said, “The reason they don’t want to take a risk and [give Trump that money] is because this market, this real estate market in New York, is very vulnerable. Nobody knows what the valuations are worth anymore.” This statement underscores her belief that businesses and investors are facing uncertainty due to the city’s current conditions. Pirro said.

In her critique of New York City’s current state, Pirro did not mince words: “New York is now a crime-ridden city. There is crime all over—immigrants all over. They are about to go bankrupt because of the immigrants in the hotels and all areas of New York City.” She paints a bleak picture of a city that was once thriving but is now struggling due to what she perceives as poor policies and management.

Pirro also had strong words for New York Attorney General Letitia James, whom she described as an “absolutist authoritarian” with a grudge against Trump. She added, “Not only is New York unstable because of the Democrats who have literally destroyed this city, but because of the fact that people in business fear [New York Attorney General] Letitia James.”

If Trump does not post the $500 million bond by next week’s deadline, James could potentially start seizing his properties. Many view this as a move driven more by politics than justice.

Meanwhile, Fox Business host Larry Kudlow asked Kevin O’Leary from Shark Tank on air if he would lend Trump the money needed for his bond. O’Leary did not commit to providing financial aid but instead called for intervention from higher judicial authorities.

Pirro is among several conservative media figures who staunchly defend Trump against what they see as unfair treatment by New York Democrats involved in ruling against him on fraud charges.

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