Cameron Diaz, 51, Surprises Public with Recent Disclosure

Former Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz and her husband, musician Benjamin Madden, have welcomed a new addition to their family, a baby boy named Cardinal Madden. At 51 years old, Diaz is embracing motherhood once again.

The couple shared their joyous news on Instagram, expressing their excitement and gratitude. They wrote: “We are blessed and excited to announce the birth of our Son, Cardinal Madden. He is awesome and we are all so happy he is here!” They also made it clear that they won’t be sharing any pictures of their child for safety and privacy reasons.

Diaz’s acting career in Hollywood was marked by roles in popular films such as “Charlie’s Angels,” “The Mask,” and “There’s Something About Mary.” She met Madden through mutual friends and they made their relationship public in 2014. By the end of that year, they were engaged and married in an intimate ceremony at their Los Angeles home on January 5, 2015.

Since then, Diaz has stepped back from acting to focus on her personal life and wellness ventures. Madden continues his career in music with Good Charlotte. The couple previously surprised fans by announcing the birth of their first child in a similarly private manner back in 2020.

Diaz decided to step back from her acting career years before the birth of her second child, Raddix Madden. It will be interesting to see how she uses her platform in the future.

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